New Miniature 3D Animals Launched

Following on from the success of the 3D range of rubber animals and shapes, Playtop has launched a mini range of 12 animals. The Mini 3D Range is ideal for smaller children and for where space is more limited.
The new range is 25% smaller in size than the original 3D animals range, which have enjoyed great success and gone on to feature in a number of ground-breaking installations across the world, from Birmingham to Bratislava, and even as far afield as South Korea.
The Mini 3D Range will offer all the core benefits of the larger 3D animals and shapes, which promote creative and collaborative play among children, whilst the bright, bold colours make the range fun and attractive.
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What’s more, they have the added benefit of allowing facility owners to create apparent families of animals (such as a mummy or daddy hedgehog and its happy children, as pictured), which promotes a positive association with family. As they’re smaller, the risk of injury through fall is further reduced, as well as allowing children as young as two years old to get involved, who are perhaps too young to brave the larger animals, which are aimed at ages 4-8 year olds.
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“The 3D Rubber Animals range is a hugely interactive tool where children can be creative whilst having fun,” says Lesley Pashley, who is distributing the range in the UK on behalf of Playtop Licensing Ltd. “The Mini 3D Range of animals and shapes create an exciting and fun environment that stimulates children’s imagination, social and physical skills, as well as being smaller thus easier to accommodate in any play facility.”
“The range is made up of bright, bold colours and recognisable animals with strong identities. They offer communication with open eyes and warm smiles. Who wouldn’t want to fly to the clouds riding on a bee, or to fight evil from the back of a giant Spider? Because of their considerable size the animals create a three dimensional environment. They can be played on top of, at the side of and all around – providing the best possible conditions for social interaction and role play.”
Each of the 12 animals in the Mini 3D Range complies with the European Safety Standard EN1176 and is covered with a high quality rubber surface making it comfortable and safe for children to climb. All the products are made 100% in the European Union.
The animals and shapes can be placed on virtually any surface and have the option of being bolted to the ground or left free-standing, allowing elements to be moved from one place to another to actively change the play environment and provide interesting new play areas for children. To ensure absolute safety, however, it is advised that facility owners install the range on safer surfacing.
To get more information about the Mini 3D Range or the 3D programme, contact Lesley on 07816 842494 or

Play, with purpose… Playtop 3D Animals

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Lesley Pashley of Playtop Licensing Ltd introduces a new concept in creative play and landscaping, perfect for outdoor or indoor spaces.

“With the Playtop 3D Program range, we wanted to create something that continued creating, something that is playful as well as being played with. The range consists of 28 exciting shapes and animals that serve an array of both play and landscaping purposes perfectly.

“They’re made of durable rubber, which creates a safe play surface for children and can be used to create engaging, colourful playgrounds for kids, we well as doubling as an alluring landscaping aid to bring gardens and grounds to life.

“The range includes a lion, a hippo, a little dragon, a sleeping farmer, a spider, an octopus and much more, which are ideal for a huge range of landscaping and play projects.”

On the playground

“When installed in a play facility, they create a fun focal point for playgrounds as well as giving a bright burst of colour. But more importantly, and much more interestingly, they’re designed specifically to foster creativity and play amongst children.

“The animals actively promote cooperative play and their shapes and sizes stir the imagination, so rather than simply being running around an open space, children can imagine they’re flying on the back of the bee through a sprawling green meadow or jumping upon the belly of the sleeping farmer, to wake him after a hard day’s work! They create an instant and engaging impression that is sure to stimulate the imagination.”

In general landscaping projects
“What makes the Playtop 3D range suitable to almost any general landscaping project is their versatility. Unlike other installations, some shapes and animals can be placed without the need for surfacing beneath. They can also be fixed in place or left freestanding, allowing you to move and adapt your figures over time to suit a changing project or theme. But don’t worry, their weight will mean that they don’t move unless you want them to.

“The reptile makes a fun, feisty figure to place beside water features and ponds, while the mushrooms make excellent stepping stones beside a path or walkway. The palisades can even be used as seating or steps over a fence or wall, creating a colourful gateway to a new part of your facility.

Safety as standard
“Each animal and every shape are made with bright, bold colours, the 28 different items all comply with the European Safety Standard EN1176 and all are covered with a high quality rubber surface. All products are made 100% in the European Union.”

For more information on the exciting new Playtop 3D Animals range and to see how you could incorporate them into your project or build, visit or contact Lesley on 07816 842494.

Calling all Zoos: we’ve got some exciting new animals for you…

New 3D animals

A wild, exotic playscape, a host of exhilarating animals and the promise of new adventures every day…

It sounds like something from an adventure movie, but really it’s what our new 3D rubber animals range offers to children.

They’re ideal for zoos and outdoor adventure parks… Why’s that, you ask?

They’re stimulating and exciting? Check.
Attractive and alluring? Check.
Safe? Check.
Easily installed? Check.
Fun and friendly? Check.
Certified to EN1176? Check.

The fun shapes combine to encourage children to create their own inventive activities while they play. The large, static animals are covered in a protective layer of rubber, making them safe to install anywhere: indoors, outdoors, in play areas or down runways. What’s more, most are freestanding and don’t require additional safety surfacing under them.

The possibilities are as endless as their imagination… (Well, almost!)

Why not team up matching 3D Rubber Animals to their real life counterparts? Children can sit astride the octopus while gazing into the aquarium or buzz around on the bees near leafy enclosures.

In fact, with our six new additions to the 3D animals range, there’s now even more scope to create fun and engaging playscapes to match the feel of your facility. We now offer these new animals: snail, hippo, lion, little dragon, wolf and tiger!

Come on, why not create a greater sense of adventure to feed children’s imagination? Make play even more fun!

Got a taste for adventure?
Visit for more information and step into the future of imaginative play.

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